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Working out how to solve your Rubik’s cube is fun… and a bit frustrating too!


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As a teacher, Erno was always looking for new, more exciting ways to present information, so he used the Cube’s first model to help him explain to his students about spatial relationships.

Erno has always thought of the Cube primarily as an object of art, a mobile sculpture symbolizing stark contrasts of the human condition: bewildering problems and triumphant intelligence…


Are You Struggling To Solve Your Rubik’s Cube?

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Speedcubing - The Fastest Solving of the Rubik’s Cube - ever!

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Flex your fingers… lube your cube… set your quickest solve time!


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Rubik’s Speed Cube

We've teamed up with Gan to develop the ultimate speed cube!

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The Rubik’s Story Started in Budapest in 1944

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The cube was created over 40 years ago and it's taken the world by storm!

Cube Facts

4.59 seconds is the fastest ever solve time – and it keeps getting quicker!

In The Media

You’ll spot Rubik’s Cube in TV shows, videos, adverts... on the big screen too!