Rubik's Cube Lube

After searching high and low for the perfect formula for speed we have found the best solution for the Rubik’s Speed Cube: Cube Lube. Cube Lube is the perfect viscosity to balance speed and longevity.

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Rubik’s Cube Lube will allow you to maximise the cubes potential and achieve record beating times. This lubricant is part of the silicone family, so it won’t rot the plastic in the cube like some lubricants. Much like crude oil, from which Bitumen (the sticky tar that roads are made of) and Petroleum (that we put in our automobiles), silicone comes in many forms. Just as you wouldn’t want to make a road of gas or put tar in your gas tank, don’t put other lubricants in your cube.

Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Cube not included.

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